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Trevor has been using Drupal intensively since 2007 and designing websites for over 15 years using a combination of HTML, CSS, Cold Fusion, PHP, j Query, and Java Script.

Trevor's focus is on building Drupal-based web applications and portals for education, non-profit, and medical systems, and small business environments.

This way our module's users can configure the module via the Drupal admin interface.

We have a blank file that we need to add our admin_settings_form function to in order to build out the admin settings form for our module.

CONTENTS OF THIS FILE --------------------- * About Drupal * Configuration and features * Installation profiles * Appearance * Developing for Drupal * More information ABOUT DRUPAL ------------ Drupal is an open source content management platform supporting a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.

Now that we have our file and .module file created we need to start writing functions for our module.

Once the importer is created we can run our import by adding the RSS feed.

The import will create nodes on our site using the Feeds Item content type.

The first function we'll write is called hook_menu.

This function will allow us to create an array(s) for each of our module's admin screen menu items.

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It includes several modules (extensions that add functionality) for common website features, such as managing content, user accounts, image uploading, and search.