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Sadly several farmers in the exit pile have failed in terms of their farms tidiness and cleanliness and allegedly some dont even understand why their farms image is relevant to Tesco!

For others, it has come as a big shock that they are relatively poor performers, some of whom were high profile and almost sitting with their feet up.

Proud of Dairy still is a great Dairy UK initiative (and NOT, as some think, an NFU initiative).

It points out that a minority of vocal players, including animal welfare activists, vegan groups and non-dairy alternative brands are questioning the industrys credentials and that the consistent anti-dairy messaging from these groups has triggered doubts amongst some of our younger consumers to the point some believe even their most extreme comments are true.

For example, cream was comfortably at 2.95 to 3.00 and is now trading at 2.25, which is still a good price but a 70p plus drop in cream is roughly a 7ppl milk price reduction in income!

has missed the boat and will find further upward price discussions extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Since its launch in 2007 I calculate the TSDG cost to Tesco taking its TSDG price compared it to the average Dairy Co price (which actually includes the TSDG price) indicates Tescos financial investment in terms of the additional money paid to farmers is 300 million , with minimal benefit to Tesco.

QVIS basically drives efficiency and is a scoring mechanism, which indicates whether a farm is operating to a satisfactory standard as per the retailers Code of Practice.

Dont shoot the messenger, but the milk market is tanking down now!

I accept it is possible the odd farmer will successfully appeal on temporary grounds, which were beyond their control.

Those who exit will then need to meet Arla, Muller and Red Tractor standards or face being forced to leave the industry.

Out of 7.2 million dairy postings/conversations there were 172,000 vegan and dairy free threads, 14,200 lactose intolerance and 2,700 dairy alterative threads.

Turning to other concerns, over half of respondents worry about nutrition when buying or eating dairy products with 58% having health concerns over dairy.

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  1. Though companies that are liquidating often experience a short-term increase in share price upon announcement of this decision, the process is a long and time consuming one which causes many investors to disengage and move on to other opportunities several weeks or months after the initial announcement.