Adult chattin via email

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Adult chattin via email

These factors are just as important for teens in school as those who are homeschooling.But homeschoolers are freer to fill their time with what’s significant to them. INTERESTS In my family, we’ve noticed that interest-based learning builds competence across a whole range of seemingly unrelated fields.Their concerns about helping a young child master the basics or their struggles to find the right homeschooling style gradually resolved.

Children as well as teens tend to have lengthy pauses between interests.Now a college student, he’s surprised that his fellow students are so turned off by learning.Interests engaged him, as they do each one of us, in the pleasure of exploring and building our capabilities.Homeschooling isn’t the cure-all, by any means, for a culture that barely recognizes a young person’s need for identity and meaning.But homeschooled teens are not limited to the strictures of a same-aged peer culture or weighed down by a test-heavy form of education. This provides ample opportunity to stretch and explore in ways that can benefit them for life.

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And that’s what I was told by many of the 110 families I interviewed for my book .

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