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Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You can choose your language settings from within the program.- cav If Capm Virtual If Capability V2R00 is for AXSM module in Release 2.0.- cav If Capability Axsm V2R0010 is for AXSM Service Module in Release 2.0.10.GR-1233CORE sections 8.1.2 Major AA MIB module to describe and store IF-MIB High Capacity ie 64 bit) Counters as two 32 bit objects.This mib will ONLY be supported in the 11.2GS version of IOS and will NOT be ported to any later versions.This MIB module defines Textual Conventions for representing targets which have class based policy mappings.A target can be any logical interface or entity to which a class based policy is able to be associated.

Each rate limit has a configurable action to be The Catalyst 6000 Crossbar MIB provides instrumentation for configuration and operation of the crossbar switching fabric module, and additional functionalities for switching bus and internal bus, etc.

This MIB module defines objects for managing cable diagnostic test capabilites supported by the Cisco devices.

Cable diagnostic tests are tests intended to exercise the functional integrity of the cable attached to a physical interface.

- cav If Capability Axsme V2R0160 is for AXSM-E Service Modu MIB module for Authentication Framework in the system.

Authentication Framework provides generic configurations for authentication methods in the system and manage the failover sequence of these methods in a flexible manner.

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This MIB module defines the managed objects for representing targets which have class-based policy mappings.