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Natasha lyonne clea duvall dating

Moment that made you melt: Edward helps Kim’s jerk of a boyfriend Jim (Anthony Michael Hall) rob his own parents' house, aware that the story Jim told him about how they’re only retrieving stolen property is a lie. What it's about: Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) literally run into each other at a support group for people dealing with terminal illnesses. What it's about: A bunch of teens work at a record store and love each other in various capacities, but the movie takes place over the course of a single day when A. (Johnny Whitworth) vows to finally tell Corey (Liv Tyler) how he feels about her. Moment(s) that made you melt: Andie and Blane engage in some proto-Messages text flirting on the finest PCs 1986 has to offer in the school computer lab. Moment that made you melt: When Derek decides to show up for Sara's audition to support her instead of helping his friends with a drive-by. Compared to Cher's conquests, Dionne and Murray look like an old married couple, albeit one whose drama involves Murray shaving his head without running it past Dionne first. What it's about: The story of the childhood sweethearts Monica Wright (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy Mc Call (Omar Epps) who go through many ups and downs (and lots of basketball games) throughout their decades-long relationship. At first a rebound and fresh distraction for Sutter, Aimee slowly becomes something more, encouraging him to fulfill his own potential while he helps her to stand up to her mother and understand her own worth. What it's about: New Jersey high school music lover Norah heads to New York City to see her favorite band with her lush of a best friend and, in an effort to avoid an awkward situation with an ex, asks Nick at random to "be [her] boyfriend for five minutes." Spoiler alert: It presumably ends up being more than that.

When Kim asked why he did it, knowing the truth, Edward tells her, simply, that he did it. After the meeting, Gus asks Hazel if she wants to go watch a movie with him. When Andie smiles in shocked delight after figuring out who she’s been chatting with, you have to figure some of the surprise comes from wondering how the hell Blane managed to scan photos of the two of them and have them transfer so quickly on the era's technology. Still, they give Cher — and us — hope that true love exists. What it's about: Jim (James Dean) is emotional and frustrated — his parents are too controlling and the rest of the world misunderstands him, save the beautiful Judy (Natalie Wood). What it's about: The setting’s been updated to the present day in the fictional but Miamiesque Verona Beach, which isn't surprising given the sort of stylishly overblown look director Baz Luhrmann's famous for. Moment that made you melt: Young Monica and Quincy decide to make it official..Hostess treats. Moment that made you melt: Sutter and Aimee’s first big conversation and first kiss is filmed in one long, impressive take in the woods as they wander away from a party. Moment that made you melt: After a helluva night, Norah wants to kiss Nick in her father's recording studio, but all she can say is "Hi," while looking down at her feet.

She does, and then sits in anguish for days waiting for Gus to call her again. Moment that made you melt: After a near-death experience with a truck during a driving lesson, Murray and Dionne reaffirm exactly how much they mean to each other. Moment that made you melt: When Jim and Judy cuddle by the fire and Judy wonders, "Is this what it's like to love somebody? But the story remains the same: Romeo (Leonardo Di Caprio) and Juliet (Claire Danes) fall in love even though they're from feuding families. It’s salty-sweet and excellent evidence that Teller and Woodley are the current king and queen of playing real teenagers, as Aimee blossoms in the light of his unexpected admiration, giggling “Oh my god, no,” when he tells her, “Amy, you’re absolutely beautiful.” —A. What it's about: A group of teens make a last-ditch attempt to find and lose love during an epic high school graduation house party. It's definitely when Landon made the telescope on Jamie's front lawn so she could see the stars from her bedroom because she was too sick to leave the house. He picks up her chin, she smiles, and eventually, they both lean in. What it's about: Tyler (Channing Tatum) is a bad boy from the streets of Philly who also happens to be an amazing dancer. What it's about: Sam Baker's (Molly Ringwald) family fucking forgets her birthday and on that no-so-sweet 16, her senior crush Jake Ryan (Michael Schoeffling) finds the sex quiz she took "anonymously" that reveals she has a huge crush on him. What it's about: In this adaptation of Taming of the Shrew, Julia Stiles and Larisa Oleynik (Alex Mack!

Moment that made you melt: Clad in their underwear, Sam and Suzy dance to a Françoise Hardy record on her brother’s portable player, first separately and then closer. ” First forays into sex have never looked so quirkily adorable. They send her off to get reformed at a reparative therapy facility for teens called True Directions where she meets the angsty Graham (Clea Duvall).He also unselfishly sends back pretty dispatches from places like Tokyo, making him a really awesome A-lister to virtually travel with.Disclaimer: For a movie to be considered for this list, both characters in the relationship needed to be of high school age or younger.Moment that made you melt: When Paris plays the guitar for Alvin while he reads the words she wrote. Eric Stoltz plays working class guy Keith, and Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) is his tomboy bestie.—Emily Orley What it's about: A modern-day twist on the classic titular tale, Sam (Hillary Duff) is invited to the homecoming dance by an anonymous internet friend, Austin (Chad Michael Murray), who happens to be the school's quarterback and Mr. Sam shows up at the dance hidden by a mask, and Austin quickly falls for her. When Keith decides to ask out the popular Amanda (Lea Thompson), Watts helps him in his quest, even as she realizes she wants more from him than friendship herself.

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Moment that made you melt: When Scott agrees to be Kate's lab partner again. Danielle, looking for payback, makes Matthew run down the street wearing nothing but an inflatable tube. What it's about: It's 1957 in the rural South, and 14-year-old Dani (a very young Reese Witherspoon) develops a massive crush on the hot 17-year-old boy (Jason London) who lives on the next farm over. That fleeting kiss may not have meant a relationship, but it was the stuff of all teenage dreams. Gerard) with her dance skills and sunny attitude, and rallies to integrate the '60s show as well.