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Fuck every time I’ve been in the same position as her and swallowed my irritation for the sake of preserving…what? I’m nearly a decade into this feminist gig and I still subvert myself and my gender constantly. I have no doubt it was one of several shitty things my brain knee-jerked into thinking that day. How can I be as aware of gendered injustice as I am and still so often lose to my own instincts?

I’m like the failed feminist : undermining myself as many as six times before breakfast. How can I stay confident in my convictions when so many of them still spring from conditioning despite my best efforts?

So when I was told told that I would be stripped of that ability, I naturally freaked the fuck out.

Because is all about being transparent, I figured I had no other choice in how to approach dating with my temporary disability. Many of my teeth were horrendously chipped, two of which were fractured beyond salvage and removed during the surgery.

I reached out to my mom back in California immediately after the accident.

The second person I reached out to was a young woman who I had been dating. She was arguably the person I was most intimate with here; it was common that we'd spend 3-4 nights a week at each other's house.

"I have plans that evening I don't think I can cancel," she informed me. I host a weekly podcast called , which happens to loosely deal with the topic of sex and dating.

Pressing against the back of my teeth with my tongue, I try to push the refuse through what gaps I can to no avail. Five days ago I was found in the street in a pool of my own blood.

Finally, I take my fingers, covered in blood and drool, and begin slowly pulling the phlegm out from my mouth in threads, as though I'm spinning the worlds most revulsive scarf. Details are still emerging, but what we know so far is that bystanders were unable to wake me up, and when EMTs arrived and were finally able to revive me, I was disoriented and severely injured.

I had been told that I would return home Monday evening. To be alone in a new city, unable to speak, surrounded by unabated fluorescent light and the smell of death is a terrifying experience.

As I became increasingly aware that Elise wouldn't be visiting me in the hospital, I reached out to see if she might want to watch movies at my place that evening. I'm the kind of guy who leans heavily on his interpersonal skills when it comes to dating.

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Katherine Webb took to Instagram on Friday to share a photo from her double date with hubby AJ Mc Carron and pals Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker.