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In overtime situations in college football, the two-point conversion is the mandatory method of scoring after a touchdown beginning with the third overtime, and in the CFL it is mandatory at any point in overtime.

The American Football League (AFL) used the two-point conversion during its ten seasons from 1960 to 1969.

What would constitute a two-point conversion in other leagues only counted one point in the AFL-NFL games, WFL, or XFL.

The WFL called it the "Action Point", used after touchdowns which the WFL counted as seven points.

This is rare because of the infrequent use of the two-point conversion and the rarity of blocked conversion kicks, combined with the difficulty of returning the ball the full length of the field. Only once has a player scored two defensive two-point conversions in a game: Tony Holmes of the Texas Longhorns in a 1998 Big 12 Conference game against the Iowa State Cyclones on October 3.

On May 19, 2015, the NFL owners adopted a proposal to permit a defensive two-point conversion for the 2015 season.

The NCAA has allowed defensive two-point conversions in college football since the 1988 season.

Six-man football reverses the extra point and the two-point conversion: because there is no offensive line in that game variant, making kick protection more difficult, plays from scrimmage are worth one point but successful kicks are worth two.

This new format would award seven points for a touchdown without an extra point attempt, eight points with a successful conversion by running or passing, and six points with an unsuccessful attempt.

This new format was proposed because of the almost certain probability of making a conversion by place kick (1,260 out of 1,265 for the 2013 season).

Before 2015, the only scenario in which a one-point safety could have been scored in the NFL would have involved the defense kicking or batting a loose ball out the back of the end zone without taking possession of it.

A conversion safety could be earned by the defense if the offense retreated with the ball all the way back into its own end zone; most plausibly this would involve a fumble at some point during the play.

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Stephone Anthony of the New Orleans Saints became the first NFL player to score a defensive two-point conversion; he returned a blocked extra point kick from Graham Gano of the Carolina Panthers on December 6, 2015.