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Marcus Paul “Marc” Blucas was born in January 11, 1972 and now he is known with his stage name as Marc Blucas who is running 44 years old in his age.

Marcus birth place is located within Butler, Pennsylvania of United States and by profession being as an actor the active years of Marcus started from the year 1995 till the current phase of the time.

Marcus is with his tall height and maintaining his weight.

He is claiming of being pure vegetarian and he is also a non-smoker at the same time.

As we can see from here, everything is so far, so good, for these newlyweds.

The couple had two sons, but she has since found love elsewhere since their split.Since having twins via a surrogate, the happy family always dresses up in elaborate holiday outfits – from adorable Easter photos to larger-than-life Halloween pictures.We cannot wait to see more great things come from this loving family, which come through mostly Instagram posts.Marcus character as Riley Finn is among the best performance and work that he has been carried out within Buffy the Vampire Slayer.Additionally within Necessary Roughness he also played with the role as Matthew Donnelly.

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His spouse is occupationally a journalist whom he previously had an affair with mentioning as his girlfriend.

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