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ASU President Michael Crow told The State Press editorial board in December 2013 that ASU takes allegations against professors in relationships with students seriously."So there have been professors in relationships with students and when we find out about it, they are all fired," Crow was quoted as saying."So that's the sanction and so the sanction is very harsh."Crow added the allegation has to be proven.

On her blog, Melton championed her United Church of Christ congregation in Naples, Fla.(The UCC is a mainline denomination that advocated for and affirms same-sex marriage.In 1498 they were further given permission to establish a Scuola here, in the name of St Nicholas.Along with its convent it was closed by Napoleon in the early 19th Century, but re-established by the Franciscan Nuns of Christ in 1878.This could apply to entire departments or schools within the university.The revision now goes to ASU's legal counsel for review and then to the administration for approval.

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